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Electric Rolling Systems

ATC-900 Electronic Controller

ATC-900 Electronic Controller

The ATC-900 Electronic Controller is a compact lightweight, durable, processor based electronic motor controller. It is designed to provide accurate amperage control for Airetool Electric Rolling Motors.

Features include:
Motor Identification; Expansion Counter; GFCI Power Cord; Two Key Preset in 1/10 Amp. Intervals; Auxiliary Trip Light and Lubricator Receptacles.

Volts: 110V
HZ: 50/60
Amperage: 15 F.L.A.
Amperage Adjustment: 0.10 Amp. Increments
Weight: 3.27 kg
- 11-3/4" x 12" x 7-5/8"
- 298.45 x 365.76 x 193.68 mm

Maximum Motor Amperage Settings:
966-C: 7.9 Amp.
979-C: 15.0 Amp.
999-C: 15.0 Amp.