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Panel Hog - Pipe Saw

  • Three models available - APS-438, APS-438LP and APS-438LRC
  • Cuts accurately without causing heat affected zones (HAZ)
  • Works on a track mount system
  • Able to cut boiler tube panel and pendant tube in tight spaces
  • Remove membrane
  • Work around clusters of pipe


  • The APS-438 is the standard Panelhog saw
  • It utilises a 5ft long EscoTrack mounting track which attaches with two weld tabs for boiler tube panel removal
  • Featuring a reinforced fibreglass blade, it produces clean horizontal cuts that require no reworking
  • After panel cutting, reinstall the APS-438 on the membrane removal bracket
  • No heat affected zone is created and further rework is not needed before end prepping
  • This is faster, safer and cleaner than torch cutting



  • The APS-438LP is the low profile Panelhog saw designed for cutting pendant tube panels in tight confines
  • It utilises an EscoTrack mounting track and requires only 7.5" clearance
  • It has all the other features of the standard APS-438



  • The APS-438LRC is the low radial clearance Panelhog saw designed to fit around clusters of pipe
  • It requires less than 6" of radial clearance
  • Utilising an EscoWrap track system, the APS-438LRC can make complete circumferential cuts on pipe ranging from 6" to 60" in diameter
  • It has all the other features of the standard APS-438