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Inline Lubricators and Filter/Lubricators

In-Line Lubricators

  • Use Lubricators to save money and eliminate repairs.
  • Use lubricators to eliminate costly downtime.
  • All mechanical apparatus need lubrication.
  • Absolute must for improved tool life.
  • Metering valve for adjusting oil flow.
  • Repair kits available.
  • Sight disk in housing to visually inspect oil level.

These are heavy-duty in-line lubricators to be installed 6-8 feet from tool. 

Designed for use with tools being used too far away from compressor to be lubricated by a permanently mounted unit. 

These lubricators can be used on everything from an air scribe to a paving breaker. 

Pressure Relief Caps and Constant Feed models available.  Nickel Plated lubricators are suitable for underground mine operations. 

Texas Pneumatic Inline Lubricator 1/2" BSP

Part NumberMfg NumberCapacityThread

Texas Pneumatic Inline Lubricator 3/4" BSP

Part NumberMfg NumberCapacityThread

Texas Pneumatic Inline Lubricator 3/4" BSP (Large Capacity)

Part NumberMfg NumberCapacityThread

Texas Pneumatic Inline Lubricator 1" BSP

Part NumberMfg NumberCapacityThread

Texas Pneumatic Inline Filter/Lubricator 1/2" BSP

Part NumberMfg NumberCapacityThread
985206945TX-0L-F-200840 microns

Texas Pneumatic Inline Filter/Lubricator 3/4" BSP

Part NumberMfg NumberCapacityThread
9985207020TX-1L-F-201340 microns

Air Tool Oil

Download MSDS here

Part NumberDescriptionCapacity
9904400125WF10 Air Tool Oil -125125ml
9904400250WF10 Air Tool Oil - 250250ml
9904400500WF10 Air Tool Oil - 500500ml
9904401000WF10 Air Tool Oil - 10001 Ltr
9904420000WF10 Air Tool Oil - 2000020 Ltr
9904460000WF10 Air Tool Oil - 6000060 Ltr